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The RssHyperLink control

This control lets you emit an HTML <link> suitable for inclusion in the <head> element of a page. When this is done, you enable autodiscovery of feeds related to the page as well as easy subscription. When a browser link Internet Explorer 7 discovers a link like this, it will show the presence to the user with this icon IEAutoDiscovery.png on the toolbar.
The emitted link looks like this:
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Rss" href="~/RssHyperLink.ashx" />

You can use RssHyperLink to point to where the feed is provided like this:
   <title>Sample page with autodiscovery links</title>
   <art:RssHyperLink ID="myRss" runat="server" IncludeUserName="True" NavigateUrl="~/RssHyperLinkFromCustomClass.ashx">RSS</art:RssHyperLink>
   <art:RssHyperLink ID="myAtom" runat="server" IncludeUserName="True" NavigateUrl="~/RssHyperLinkFromCustomClass.ashx?outputtype=atom">Atom</art:RssHyperLink>

Notice that you can have as many links as you like in a single page, each can point to a different feed, or a different format for the same feed.
The RssHyperLink control has the following attributes in addition to those inherited from the standard Hyperlink control:
  • ChannelName – Will be automatically appended to the query-string of the NavigateUrl to indicate a specific channel of a feed. The query-string parameter will look like this ?c=XXX where XXX is the ChannelName value.
  • IncludeUserName – If true, this will append an authentication ticket representation to the query-string of the NavigateUrl to pass a FormsAuthenticationTicket along with the feed request. This allows a previously authenticated user to fetch a secured feed. The query-string parameter will look like this ?t=YYY where YYY is the Encrypted, Base64 encoded version of a FormsAuthenticationTicket.
When setting the IncludeUserName attribute true, this does NOT require a cookie, nor does this actually re-login the user. It merely passes the information necessary to (in code) handle the secure passing of the username when the feed is requested. The RssHttpHandlerBase class uses this to automatically pass the user name on to the feed population.

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